Current Irish champion squib repaint (metallic silver)

This squib had been previously painted, but the existing paint was not adhering to the hull very well,flaking off in places,particularily around the waterline.

I sanded off all the topsides paint,down to the original gelcoat.(Lots and lots of blue dust)

Removed the fittings,masked up,and primed the hull.

A careful check round the hull,a light flat down with 400 grade  discs.

Then 6 coats of mercedes  silver which has larger than normal flakes in it,and 2 coats of  2k clear lacquer.

The finished job looks very well indeed,the owner is doing the antifouling himself,and probably putting wooden rubbing beads on. Thats why the pics show the boat looking somewhat unfinished,apart from the paint job.053059060IMG_20140219_141615IMG_20140219_141637062