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spray painting morgan 36,on site

 The owner of this yacht had done a really good job of preparing,sanding,priming etc,but was not happy with the finish he was getting on the final finish coats.I travelled to the boat, sprayed on 2 coats of 2k paint and

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fireball repair/re-varnish

 This fireball was in for some hull damage to be repaired,bottom respray,and re-varnish of the decks…

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Rs 400 repair

 This rs had been run over by a tractor, the launching trolley hasd pushed up into the hull. I cut out the damaged section,put in a new inner skin,foam sandwich,and outer skin,then gelcoated and sanded and burnished the area.

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Gp14 strip paintwork and refinish

 This gp had a problem with paint not sticking to the hull,i stripped all the paint off, re-sealed the wood,and primed,filled,sanded etc to get a finish as good as new…the colour was the owners choice!!

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Squib respray

 This is a typical respray on a squib,i cant remember how many times ive done this! The photos show the boat partially rubbed down,fully rubbed down,and the finished job,the owner was doing below the waterline himself.

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repair to gp14

 This glassfibre gp14 had blown over in the dinghy park, the chine area had delaminated from the foam sandwich core,i ground off all the loose and damaged glass, re laminated that part,matched some gelcoat to the right colour,filled it in,sanded

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gelcoat repairs and burnishing

 This would be a fairly typical job i would be asked to do…i travelled to london/derry carried out about 35 gelcoat repairs to this yacht,and finished off by burnishing,waxing,and polishing the hull. I stayed up there 3 days.

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ruffian 23

I was asked to repaint the hull and deck of this somewhat run down r23 > Additional work was  fitting new windows,and tidying up poorly applied filler that someone else had put on below the waterline.

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acid tank

For many years i have done industrial work . I have an excellent working relationship with a local galvanising plant,over the last 25 years i have lined every tank in their plant,i think,The usual job consists of applying 6 layers

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lifeboat painting

I was commisioned to spraypaint the superstructure of a classic lifeboat.The structure is aluminium,the owner had already had the area soda blasted,i applied 6 coats of epoxy primer,then 4 top coats of 2  pack polyurethane.

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